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If you're interested in a ANOVA two-factor analysis patients vs drugs , select and run a two-factor analysis with repetition more than one patient in the category receives the same drug.

Dataset for running a one-way ANOVA

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Analysis of Variance for Mac Users of Excel

Hypothesis Tests. What is Hypothesis Testing? Null vs Alternate Hypothesis. Type i and ii Risk.

Test of Means. One Sample t test. Paired t test - Two Sample for Means. Two Sample t test: Equal Variances Unequal Variances. Equivalence Tests.


Equivalence Test. Two One Sided Test for Equivalence.

Analysis of Variance for Mac Users of Excel - dummies

Test of Variances. Test of Proportion.

Test of a Proportion. Test of Two Proportions. Test Relationship.

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Chi-square Contingency Table. Chi-square Goodness of Fit.

Two Way ANOVA (Analysis of Variance) With Replication

Descriptive Statistics. The results can be considered reliable as long as the following assumptions are met: For a particular factor, we assume that the levels of the factor that we have represented in our experiment compose all possible levels of the factor in the population.

That is, we have presented all possible levels e.

ANOVA One-Way using Excel:Mac & StatPlus:Mac.

We assume that the levels of a factor in our experiment have been randomly assigned from all possible levels of the factor that exist in the real world. To run the analysis without replication if you have only one observation for each combination of the factors open the Advanced Options dialog and check the No Interaction s option. Analysis of variance summary table and results of post-hoc analysis are produced. Analysis of variance table.

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